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            Ice 850 Carver Chair

            Ice 850 Carver Chair

            The Ice 850 Carver Chair is available in a variety of colours


            To discuss the colour options, please contact a member of our sales team on 0115 965 9030

            SKU 799860
            Technical Information
            More Information
            Width 590mm
            Depth 555mm
            Height 820mm
            Seat Height 450mm
            Arm Height 660mm
            Internal Reference CFGCS1020
            Type of Chair Carver Chairs, Stacking Chairs
            Type of Upholstery Non Upholstered Frame
            Frame Material Aluminium
            Product Certification & Disclaimers

            Orders under 6 units may incur a marginal order surcharge and be subject to?a longer lead time.?Costs and delivery schedules?will be provided on request.


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